Welcoming Messsage

YB Datuk Haji Talib Zulpilip
Assistant Minister of Tourism Sarawak,
Chairman of Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) & Chairman of Sarawak Tourism Board

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate AsiaTourismAlliance for its successful co-brand strategic partnership with Asiatravel.com, the leading Pan Asia online hotel and travel reservation service provider.

By leveraging on the regional collaborations in tourism sector, I believe this partnership will not just further bring positive outlook to the state of Sarawak but will forever change the landscape of online travel reservations.

Our tourism sector is still very much in a development phase, with many open opportunities for growth and promotion yet to be grasped by all the major players, especially through the technological trend of doing business.

Instead of doing it the traditional way, many travel consumers have access to more information, can exchange this information more easily and therefore have a much greater influence over the online and offline content.

AsiaTourismAlliance is driving the need to change as an online travel agency.

The way travel agencies will deal with their suppliers and direct competitors will be defined by their ability to react to these expectations and meet the needs of this new generation of sophisticated consumers.

The boom of the Internet and the easy access to information could be to the advantage of the travel agent who is the best person to find the right information and give unbiased consultancy. I hope that this online 'all-in-one' travel platform will boost our tourism sector specially the inbound activities into the state.

Sarawak has all the elements required to become Malaysia's next desirable destination. The tourism sector in Sarawak has a varied crew of industry stakeholders, each vying to plot a true course that will land the industry at the shores of increasing tourism receipts.

The key of making Sarawak onto the itineraries of visitors lies in ensuring cooperation among industry subsectors to create package tours. When these elements are all in place – as well as an effective promotional campaign along the lines of ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ – the road ahead could indeed be filled with many travellers to the Hornbill State.

Once again, I would like to welcome Asia Tourism Alliance on board and thank you - to all the partners in the alliance, the team that successfully puts the concept together, all those who assist in one way or another and all the customers or users for their support.

This co-brand collaboration will definitely bring the travel industry a step higher.


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