Message from the Organiser

Dorge Rajah
Head of Borneo Post Online

Welcome to Borneo Post Online - Online Travel Fair 2013

Organised by Borneo Post Online and powered by to cater to and tap the growing numbers of travellers inbound as well as outbound as the trend to shop online increases. The Online Travel Fair will run for the whole month of June with attractive packages and fares from some 400 airlines, over 120,000 hotels worldwide and more than 500,000 tour packages. We also hope to promote more inbound travel through the available collaborative efforts of parties involved by highlighting what Sarawak and Sabah and in general Malaysia has to offer. With the attractive packages on offer, travellers will stand to gain more for the dollar spent and may even stand to win another holiday or fare to a local destination or another.

About the Online Travel Fair Contest

The Online Travel Fair Contest will be held in conjunction with this fair. The contest is open to all visitors who purchase tickets, rooms or holiday packages from Asia Tourism Alliance. Minimum purchase is USD50 or RM150 to participate. Contestants are required to answer 2 questions and a simple slogan and submit with their email confirmation of their purchase to by 30 June, 2013.

About the organisers:

Borneo Post Online, a relatively young news portal, has a global outreach with some 250 thousand hits daily with half of these being Malaysians. Currently the largest homegrown English news site in Borneo, it has affiliations with See Hua Online ( and soon to come Utusan Borneo Online. Under the umbrella of The KTS Group, Borneo Post Online also cooperates with The See Hua Group of Newspapers namely The Borneo Post, See Hua Daily News, Utusan Borneo, and thesundaypost. Also under the KTS umbrella, operating in Peninsula Malaysia is Oriental Daily which is popular in the Klang Valley. Collectively, the media division reaches over a million readers daily. (ATA), is an online travel platform set up to work with major regional online travel partners with a good working relationship with based in Singapore since the launch of the Cobrand partnership in December 2012. On board is also PYO Travel Malaysia as a collaborative partner. Plans are in the pipeline to position ATA as an "online travel products supermarket" for the regional tourism industry.

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