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Place To Visit In Kuching

Sarawak Museum
The Sarawak Museum, located in Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, is one of Asia's finest. It houses a collection of Bornean ethnological and archaeological items and an exhibition featuring a reconstruction of the great Niah Caves, with remains of the Neolithic people who lived in the Caves. Closed on Fridays and public holidays.
Court House  
The Court House is surely one of the most magnificent buildings in Sarawak The imposing facade has intricate local art patterns incorporated in its door and window grilles and roof panels. Completed in 1874, it was the seat of government during the reign of the white Rajahs. The beautiful clock tower was added to the architecture in 1883, with the obelisk memorial to Rajah Charles Brooke officially commissioned in 1924.
Fort Margherita  
The district of Kuching on the northern bank of the Sarawak River mainly consists of Malay kampungs. Prominent on its hilltop site is Fort Margherita. Situated within walking distance from the Astana in Kuching. It is named after the Rajah Charles Brooke's wife. Built in 1878 as a token of love to his wife. It is today's the Police Museum.
The Sarawak Cultural Village and Heritage Centre  
A living museum located at Santubong, the Sarawak Cultural Village conserves and portrays the multi-faceted cultures and customs of ethnic groups such as the Ibans, Bidayuhs, and Melanaus. The Heritage Centre is an integral part of the cultural village, which offers traditional arts of Sarawakians. Opening hours: 9.00am -5.00pm. Cultural Show: 2.00pm-3.00pm. Fees: Adults:RM45; Children (6-12 years) - RM22.50. Below 6 - Free.
Outside of Kuching Skrang River Safari
The safari takes you on a four-hour journey along the Skrang River, occasionally shooting the rapids, to the Iban longhouses. Their traditional ceremonies include an offering of rice wine to their guests.
Santubong Fishing Village
On a 17 acre site at the foothill of Mount Santubong, fronting the South China Sea is the Sarawak Cultural Village, which exudes the typical warmth and hospitality of the state. Here, you have the opportunity to share the arts and crafts, games, food, and music of the seven major cultures of Sarawak. At a modern theater, the visitor can see performances of multicultural dances and lots of bamboo (bamboo musical instruments, bamboo carvings and even a bamboo bridge). You are taken into the world of "longhouses", drums, and gongs. You are taught to use the blowpipe (the weapon of the jungle nomads) and you get the opportunity to see the women work on their intricate beadwork.
Camp Permai Sarawak
Situated at about 32 km from Kuching. It is a site covering some 18 hectares of tropical rain forest. A popular place for camping where the Camp Permai of Sarawak is set up here. Have a dip in its clear cool water from the running streams. A walking track partly built on stilt above the rough terrain is available for trekkers. Setting around the majestic Mount Santubong, it is a very picturesque view from below.
Kuching Waterfront
Situated at the Main Bazaar along Sarawak River in Kuching. The waterfront is about 1 km long and is also known as the People Place. Built for the people of Sarawak. It has many facilities such as restaurants, handicraft shops, entertainment hall, and the dancing water fountains.



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